Artificial Grass Playground Area for Bangkok International School

Thai Garden Design received a call from a well known International British School in Sukhumvit, Bangkok. The playground area of the Junior school was well used by the children throughout the year, and so no matter how many times the school replaced the grass, within a few days or weeks it was worn away, back to hard, sandy earth (click here for a full album of the finished garden).

artificial grass company bangkok

The school wanted to explore the possibility of adding artificial turf around the playground features, the large slide, swings and climbing frames etc. The team came up with a proposal and method for how this can be achieved, and when the holidays arrived, the team began.

artificial grass company thailand

The hard ground was removed and a type 2 stone aggregate course was laid. This was compacted, and followed with a sand course (both courses for stability and good drainage).

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The outer borders of the area were shuttered, and concrete sides were constructed. The grass was to be a seamless cross over from the driveway of the school, to the playground, with no tripping hazards or steps.

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Areas at the foot of slides, or stairs of climbing frames were re-constructed using the rubber tiles of the playground, as these areas were more likely to get well used. A meandering pathway was also built using the old rubber tiles, more attractive, and giving good access for teachers and children across the playground.

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Finally, the old mix of various plant pots were replaced with one type of 'child safe' pots (no harsh corners), improving the look and consistency throughout the area.

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For all of the pictures of the new kids garden, click here to see the album. For more information on how to get your Thai landscape professionally designed and installed, contact the Thai Garden Design team.

Problems with Real Grass? Sometimes a Switch to Fake Grass can be the Answer ...

The Thai Garden Design team recently solved this problem for the owners of a house in Central Ladprao area of Bangkok. Their entrance garden, which consisted of nice wide pavers and a grass bed was constantly flooded. Consequently the surrounding grass was patchy and an eyesore. The team suggested installing a drain down one side, and using artificial grass.

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(Picture above: Water is constantly pooling in the rainy season, killing off the grass). The team took up all the pavers, and excavated. They then installed a compacted gravel and sand base, graded towards the new corner drain (picture below).

landscaping in bangkok thailand

The team then cut the grass nearly around the pavers, and securely pinned. The grass was aligned with the top of the pavers, with everything nice and level, as seen in the picture below.

tropical gardens thailand

This modern home now has a modern, low maintenance, flood free entrance garden. Easy on the eye and without any grass issues. Another successful job from the landscape team at Thai Garden Design. We work all over Thailand, so if you need assistance with a landscape garden project, feel free to contact us here.

The Timeless Look of Pool Decking (more shots from the Twelve Hotel)

Another update from the Twelve Hotel in Bangkok, with shots of the pool decking installed by the team at Thai Garden Design. The deck was installed on a non-rust metal foundation, yellow balau hardwood (stained) at a 45 degree angle.

modern tropical landscaping

Cut right up to the edge of the pool, the decking masks the sandwash concrete underneath, which also acts as a great foundation for the deck. Water is able to escape under the wood into the drain, in the event of heavy rain.

bangkok garden designs

Now the area is very attractive and inviting to all the residents at the hotel .

tropical landscaping bangkok

Picture above: The pool deck spills out onto the outside forecourt, giving a consistent look throughout. So if you are in the market to design and install your dream garden landscape, contact the team here at Thai Garden Design.

Metal Lean-to-Pergola with Wood Imitation Tile Terrace - Extend into your Garden !

The team recently designed and installed this low maintenance metallic pergola for a resident in Pattaya. Having recently purchased the home the couple were looking to spend more time outdoors in the garden. Various options for the materials were discussed at depth, with the owners deciding to build in metal, with a concrete pad finished in wood imitation tiles.

thailand pergola

(Image above: birds eye view of the proposed pergola). The area was sizable, over 5 meters in depth and over 6 meters in width, a good space. The pergola would ensure shade, and would be finished with a dark polycarbonate covering, fans (with switch) and column lights, illuminating the space in the evening.

steel pergola thai

The team began with detailed measuring of the numerous columns and rafters that would make up the structure. The team had to take into account the small concrete roof that existed above the doorway. After installing the structure, the team got to work on the concrete tiled terrace.

landscaping thailand

(Picture above: the finished terrace and pergola). The final product has seriously extended the house. Over 30 sqm of covered, lighted space has been created. The imitation wooden tiles are high quality, and give a pleasing finish. Many of the neighbours have commented that they believed the structure was built using painted hardwood.

tropical landscaping pergola

Are you looking to improve your home in Thailand? Need more usable space? We can help. Contact the Thai Garden Design team for a friendly chat about your requirements.